The Sure Foundation is a non-profit organization that is advancing innovation in breast cancer early detection by breaking traditional inertia through the support of focused clinical research, innovative methods to take down the psychological barriers of screening, and mechanisms to provide risk assessment & early detection to communities of color and at-risk populations.

The Sure Foundation was created by Sure, Inc., a commercial company advancing innovation in breast cancer early detection.  Sure, Inc., currently produces and deploys the SureTouch device, a revolutionary tactile imaging screening technology, to a global market.  However, Sure’s mission is much broader: new technologies, new thinking, all driven by the unspoken reality that 20 million women in the U.S. don’t engage with technologies and strategies that will lengthen and improve their lives. And worse yet, “the system” -- commercial healthcare -- responds to this known need with an irresponsible “eh, if they don’t listen that’s their problem.”  We don’t think that’s a reasonable response to a huge threat, and it presents an opportunity for us to make a real difference to women, the glue and foundation of families and societies.

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We focus upon specific opportunities to make progress that are either ignored by the status quo, challenge traditional thinking, or are squashed because they may present commercial disruption.

We’re driven by commercial and healthcare innovators, and guided by mainstream academic and community physician-experts.  No options are off the table, but all options are vetted by our very mainstream medical team.


Our team and operations are more ‘entrepreneurial’ than traditional ‘non-profit.’  We set discrete budgets, choose achievable goals, and report our results carefully.  At least 80% of funds go directly into project work.  We have no interest in creating unproductive, unnecessary administrative waste.


We’re selecting the projects we pursue on the basis of their near-term impact, precisely because there’s literally no time to waste.  1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime - it’s an oft-quoted statistic - and we find it to be a compelling one.  That’s why all of our projects have set timelines. While there is maddening resistance to change in healthcare, we’re committed to push change forward - that’s why we engage passionate resources from multiple industries, and seek collaboration outside as well as inside healthcare.  For us, inertia around breast cancer early detection is best described as, “red rag to a bull.”