Breast cancer is among the most common cancers in women and is the second-leading cause of death among women in the US. Effective early detection is the best defense, yet traditional early detection using only screening mammography is missing 20 million women in the US and unavailable to all but 7% of women worldwide.

Our Mission: The Sure Foundation is dedicated to saving lives by advancing innovation and providing access to early detection of breast cancer for ALL women.



Take no prisoners. It's time to drive innovation faster in an environment where established commercial interests are interfering with progress by placing profits ahead of people.

We seek and support effective innovation with no regard for 'tradition;' there are lives to be saved.


Time to face facts. Traditional early detection efforts have peaked. 30% of U.S. women won’t engage screening and are at unnecessary risk - it’s time for new options.

We seek results through new thoughts & actions, not by comfortably pushing the stalled status quo.


Everyone matters. Nearly half of minority women and women covered by Medicaid don’t get the benefit of early detection and die much more frequently than they should. Enough.

We focus where others don't: on solutions tailored to have real impact in the communities most in need.

Project 1

We are supporting the mid-stage clinical validation of tactile imaging, a technology that can screen all women painlessly, quickly, with no radiation, inexpensively, in community-based locations.  We are working with multiple centers to quickly enable the entry of this transformative technology as an addition to existing screening practices.

Project 2

The nature of the screening experience today- especially the physical location - is an unaddressed & big barrier to engaging women in screening.  We’re working with ethnic cultural, retail and design experts to create spaces that reduce, rather than exaggerate, the negative vibe of “prevention.” It’s time to turn this traditionally burdensome activity upside down.

Project 3

Self-care - “save yourself” - is an attitude best cultivated at a young age.  And young African American women are getting breast cancer at younger ages every year.  We are engaging non-healthcare resources, from entertainment to sports, to define effective tactics for engaging everyone at risk.